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                            Harxon Virtually Initiates Its Global Distributor Recruitment Program
                            On August 11, 2020 | 4:00PM CST At the “Together Towards Tomorrow” webinar, Harxon, a global leading provider of high precision GNSS antenna, radio modems, and smart antennas,  virtually initiated its global distributor recruitment program.

                            As a leading brand of high precision GNSS antenna, Harxon has been leading antenna’s scaled application in China, accounting for around 70% market share in the field of High Precision GNSS antenna. With its powerful innovation engine, Harxon has always been playing the leading role in establishing industry-related standards, such as Surveying Antenna Standard of Beidou Global Satellite Navigation System, National Military RTK Radio Protocol Standard.
                            Harxon has achieved a sales revenue of over $85 million in 2019, with a growth of 28% in the first half of 2020. And a 20% growth of overseas market is expected in 2020. Harxon plans to develop its global distributor networks, with better and deep supporting services in branding, channels developments, and technical services.


                            At the webinar, overseas sales director Mr. Luby Lu systematically introduced Harxon. He envisioned the next 3-years business plan and exact targets for Harxon’s overseas growth. He explained the strategy in brief. First, providing more and better services, supplying more innovative products, generating more sales leads and digging out more business opportunities together with local distributors. Second, establishing the comprehensive sales channel system and developing second level distributors, which enriches first level distributor resources. Third, marketing fund support, mainly refers to digital marketing, exhibitions shows, promotional campaigns and etc., also a comprehensive Harxon training program is already on-going organized.

                            At last but not least, Mr. Lu also thoroughly addressed the normally concerned questions from brand awareness, after-sale service, dealer exclusivity, to sales leads sharing that posted by the distributors. The complete webinar is now available online. Click the more button below to load the original presentation, or visit, or contact via for more information. Harxon has been powered up and ready for new challenges with prospect partners.
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