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                            Precision Agriculture
                            Precision agriculture is the new trend in world agricultural development, which apply the most advanced technology into agricultural production, so as to achieve a scientific utilization of agricultural resources, to improve economic benefits and reduce the production cost. Precision agriculture is the integrated application of GNSS, GIS, RS and automatic-control computer technology.

                            ?It helps with automatic driving, yield determination, flow control, variable control, sowing control, information sharing and a series of new products, in order to improve the agricultural production standardization, use of land efficiency and production maximization.

                            Harxon high precise antenna and radio have been applied extensively in auto-driving tractors and farmland measurement. The high positioning accuracy of Harxon antennas can guarantee the farm machinery move straightly, at the same time, the deviation of conjugation line can be controlled within centimeter level. Besides, Harxon radio can realize the digital remote transmission and help with the farmland measurement and information collection.



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